Experience and Background

20 Year+ Successful Track Record of Asset Raising

Impact Investing/ESG

Public and Private Equity and Debt Asset Classes

Asset Allocation

Network of Distribution Channels in US, Canada, LatAm, Europe and Japan


Endowment & Foundation

Defined Benefit/Sovereign Wealth

Defined Contribution

Single/Multi Family Office

 NBD/IAD & Bank Trust/Private Bank/RIA 



Impact Companies:

1- Infrastructure: innovative/advanced triple Bottom Line SaaS and consulting firm: 5 yr+ track record, with initial funding from well known/respected accounting and econometrics SaaS firm. Revenues will hit $1.5 MM for Fy2019 and growing at 10% YOY; approaching EBITDA neutral. Looking for short term equity note funding: $500 K; Strategic Growth Capital of $2-5 MM. 

2-Pharma: 15 yr. old "reboot" of unique nanoparticle drug delivery platform; focus on tumors, but in COVID 19 also actively identifying use for  prevention of Cytokine Storm. New management and return of original science director; National Cancer Institute funding Phase 2 trials of platform and 3 drugs; seeking short term generous note with warrants $300-500 k; longer term strategic growth for Phase 2 of $3-5 MM

3-Methane Leakage: Incredibly Innovative and academically reviewed technology for identifying sources of methane leaks using satellite imagery and database tracker. About to launch user-friendly GUI with daily updates. Ability to drill down to owner/tighter geographic location than NASA-backed and other satellite imagery. More effectively shines a light on  where, how much, and who is responsible for US-based leaks.


1- Fin Tech Seed/A Round: a well-established, Cambridge based FInTech VC fund. I am working with the team on raising their second Fund. First fund was $58 MM and is now 75% deployed. Fund 2 already had a first close of $48 MM and is looking to raise $100 ($125 cap). 

2-Sustainable Real Estate; Public Equities- Focus on re-investing and retrofitting of existing infrastructure to exploit Impact technology and sustainability initiatives profitably. 

3- ESG LCC and LCV-5 year track record of quarterly rebalanced, high acive share ESG Core fund. Strong risk controls and outperformance. Long term investor. $40 MM in AUM today, looking for new distribution channels


Private Equity Secondary- Expereinced team of former asset owner/allocator and PE secondary investors. High touch/strong due diligence and leverage-able network of buyers to maximize assessment of LP interests and more efficient disposition.