What Makes Impact Direct Advisors Different?

Knowing that your investment dollars are generating market returns is easy to track. Knowing they can have a positive environmental or social impact is less so.

Impact Direct Advisors has built a broad network of asset owners, managers, data analytic firms, NGOs and Academics in the Impact investment space.  We leverage this to identify and vet growth equity, debt, and infrastructure projects  or fund vehicles which can demonstrate both a positive impact and offer the potential to produce at or above market returns for the asset class. This is the future of  Impact investing.


Leveraging a Network and Experience

Asset owners are increasingly looking to expand their investment options to include Impact potential with return potential. The demand exists; but finding high quality managers, fund options, and new companies to meet this demand is difficult and disjointed.  


The IDA Experience

My entire career in asset management has been spent working to understand the needs of the asset owner, and matching that with the optimal  investment option. Originally, these needs focused on risk/return profiles, exclusive of Impact. For the past four years I have identified and worked with the top tier Impact- focused consultants, asset managers, asset owners, and NFPs/NGOs.  

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